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Ghost, Halloween, Woman, Female, Beauty

Image off Pixabay, just cos I liked it really.

We both love Gothic stories and ghost stories so we decided to combine both and edit/publish an anthology in 2022 of women writers; this includes those who identify as women and both new and experienced writers alike.

We are looking for quiet Gothic darkness and whilst stories can be set in the traditional Victorian environment, we are also very much open to any who take the Gothic tropes and place them in the present – or even the future.

The anthology will consist of 20 stories and be a mixture of invitation and submission.

Payment terms: £5 per story and an electronic copy of the book.

Submission Requirements: the sweet spot for stories should be 3-5k but we will allow some flexibility if the story demands it. Manuscripts should be in Shunn format and either .doc or .docx – do NOT send in the body of the email.

We are not accepting reprints this time, and only one submission per author, however we are accepting simultaneous submissions, just please notify us if your story is accepted elsewhere.

The first page should include your contact details and pen name as well as your given name if different. Your covering email need only be brief, addressed to myself and Alyson (Faye) and should also include a short bio. We don’t need your life history!

If you are at the start of your publishing journey and are worried about lack of credits, don’t be. Use the bio to share the books and authors you love and a little about you. We will be reading all the stories and judging them on their merits, not your CV.

Send to:

Submissions open: 1 Dec 2021 and close end April 2022.

Any questions? Please do email us, we’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile perhaps check out one of our other publications if you want to get an idea of what we like to publish especially perhaps Shadow Bound : A Gothic Quartet


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